Recently, strange weather phenomena continuously occurred in China, such as red sky or red river.

On May 23, moving coloful clouds appeared in the clear blue sky of China. The location was confirmed to be in Weinan, Shaanxi.

In Chinese culture, this phenomenon is calles ‘auspicious clouds.’ According to Chinese Tianqi weather media, the lights coming from the clouds reflect the lights of Buddha. In Buddhism, auspicious clouds indicate heaven an good luck. Throughout Chinese history, many folk tales and ancient paintings have always portrayed the Divine characters moving on auspicious clouds.

Some say that multicolored clouds are a good sign, indicating that the next era and true destiny are coming.

Auspicious clouds have appeared several times in China.

Meteorologists say that these can be called Iridescent clouds. It happens because of diffraction when tiny water droplets or small ice crystals scatter the sun’s light. This phenomenon is relatively rare and does not appear in a specific season or place.

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