In the name of pandemic prevention, Hainan province suddenly announced the closure of Sanya city on August 6. Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan, on August 13, admitted that about 150,000 tourists had been stranded. Feeling desperate after being stuck for a long time and the cost of hotels too high, people started protesting in Sanya from August 13. 

Twitter account @lizheyao777 said: “In Sanya, Hainan, tourists are stuck due to the epidemic, and the daily cost is too high. People can’t help but start protesting.” The video showed crowds of stranded tourists protesting and demanding to go home outside the Barry Seaview Hotel in Sanya. The police were called in again to suppress the protesters.

Netizen @himawarimg also posted a video showing a group of people marching and shouting “go home” outside the Mangrove Resort hotel in Sanya.

Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported that a British tourist posted a video saying that 11 employees at a hotel in Sanya had been infected with the virus, so the quarantine of travelers had to be restarted on August 10, making Chinese and foreign tourists unhappy. They protested to the pandemic prevention department in the hotel lobby, and the police locked the hotel.

Hainan provincial officials had previously ordered that they should achieve “COVID-19 case-free” by August 12, but on that day it was announced that 1,426 new cases of the virus had been confirmed in the province. It means that the authorities publicly admitted their failure to wipe out COVID-19, according to Sound Of Hope.

Sun Chunlan, who is in charge of the CCP’s virus pandemic prevention and control, rushed to Hainan on August 13 and ordered Hainan province to speed up the construction of a field hospital, he organized nucleic acid testing, and ensured that the “race against the sun” work would be completed within 8 hours, wiping out infections in the community. Sun also asked to speed up the return of tourists from remote islands; relevant provinces and cities must not refuse or limit the admission of people.

However, Xinhua reported that in the past days, Haikou Meilan International Airport transported 1,514 stranded passengers, and Sanya Phoenix International Airport transported 7,321 stranded passengers. Nearly 9,000 people were evacuated.

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