On November 22, new employees from all over the country recruited by Foxconn in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, thought they had been deceived and, when attempting to leave the premises, were fired upon by police with tear gas.

On the 23rd, Foxconn employees continued to protest to defend their rights, and one policeman claimed that a police car was bombed. Many employees were beaten by police leading to bloodshed.

A large number of armed police beat Foxconn employees at the scene, causing bloodshed

video shows armed police mobilizing 20 buses from Luoyang, Henan province, wearing white protective clothing. They confronted the Foxconn employees, who then threw things at the police and shouted. Police beat up many, and some people were kicked several times after being pushed to the ground.

Another video shows a young man in a red and black jacket being knocked to the ground by several armed policemen, with more than ten policemen beating him, causing his head to bleed profusely. One man shouted angrily: “Are they really the police?” Another young man in a white shirt injured his leg and was helped by people. One, holding his head, was also suspected of having a head injury.

In the video, injured employees can be seen sitting on the ground, many people are surrounded, and someone shouts: “Police beat everyone to death!” Some netizens said that more than 40 people had been arrested. Some also expressed their anger: “More cruel than the Russia-Ukraine battlefield!”, “This is tyranny, tyranny in the name of the virus!”

Claims that police cars were bombed and policemen were beaten

A netizen posted a video that reads: “The people who came to work at Foxconn this time did it directly. They blew up a police car and beat the police.” In the video, an employee asks a man in a white protective suit claiming to be a police officer to show his police card, the officer refuses to be recorded, and many employees ask him, “Why don’t you allow video recording?”

One man said: “You’re law enforcement now, but are we breaking the law?” The policeman said: “There are no more laws, our fences have been broken, our police cars have been bombed, our employees have been beaten, they have been hospitalized!” One man continued to chase the policeman and asked, “What is the People’s Police for?”

People chant slogans at the scene of the Foxconn riots in Zhengzhou. In a video, a large number of workers can be seen gathered, they exit a building, and there is the sound of people smashing objects, many of them shouting: “Down with Foxconn! Down with Xi Jinping! !” To this, some netizens replied, “What’s the point of downing Foxconn, should destroy the Communist Party! If the Chinese want to make a positive impact on the world, they must first start by destroying the Chinese Communist Party and then help other countries eliminate communism!”

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