As the epidemic in Beijing became more complicated, authorities announced a shutdown in nearby Heping District in the center of Tianjin on May 25.

Following the “global static management” guideline, the Heping District has to restrict the number of people and vehicle movements in the community for the next three days.

As a result, the nearby district of Nankai immediately posted a denial of a rumor that “Nankai District will close the area” on the internet.

The next day, the Nankai District Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters announced they would begin a new round of nucleic acid testing for all employees in the region and not miss anyone.

All offline business activities were ordered to stop from 6 p.m., and all employees must present themselves for nucleic acid testing.

If someone has not done the testing within the specified time, their health code would be adjusted from green to orange.

On the same night, students from Tianjin University showed their dissatisfaction with the authorities’ extreme epidemic prevention policies in a demonstration.

A video showed that hundreds of students gathered in Beiyang Square. Some chanted: “Down with formalism, down with bureaucracy!”

The surrounding students also joined in.

Later, many police officers drove motorcycles to Tianjin University while the students were expressing their demands.

According to the posters at Tianjin University, the students will continue to protest on the evening of May 28.

In addition, they require the school to clarify the method and time related to their exam issue and clarify the holiday schedule. Also, officials are not allowed to interview students or hold them accountable.

A school teacher suggested that the students elect representatives to negotiate with the school leaders.

But the students want the school leaders to come to the protest site and negotiate with them.

According to mainland media reports, Tianjin University has been closed since January 8. At the time, the school was the only university in the city that had not yet had a winter vacation, and more than 27,000 students on two campuses were preparing for final exams.

A graduate student of Tianjin University said he and other students could not get enough rest due to the nucleic acid tests in the early morning or middle of the night.

Besides Tianjin University, the students of Nankai University have held protests on campus.

According to the images posted on the internet, some students hung large slogans satirizing the school’s “self-isolation from society.”

Some students against continued closures are spraying graffiti messages on walls or posting flyers about the campus.

As early as April 2, students from Nankai University published an article on saying that from January to April, the authorities intensified various anti-epidemic measures in Nankai in the name of protecting students.

The students also said on Zhihu that only students were locked in, and staff and their families could enter and leave at will.

On May 23 and 24, there were protests at the China University of Political Science and Law and Beijing Normal University in Beijing.

Students asked the school to clarify the method and time of the final exam and allow students to return to their hometowns.

As a result, the authorities compromised and allowed students to go home.

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