October 1 marked the 73rd anniversary of China’s National Day, and to protest the CCP’s violation of human rights, Tibetans, Uyghurs, and Hongkongers held a rally in London. Some protesters set fire to the red five-star flag outside the Chinese embassy.

According to VOA News, about 300 protesters marched from Piccadilly Circus in central London to the Chinese embassy, a mile away. 

Before arriving at the Chinese embassy, they chanted slogans condemning China’s human rights violations, asking for an end to the persecution of Tibetans, Hong Kongers, Uighurs, and Mongolians, and calling for Taiwan’s independence. 

Only two security officers were on duty when the protesters arrived at the Chinese embassy.

Some demonstrators set down a Chinese flag outside. They threw filth on the five-star red flag, placed it on the ground, and then set it on fire.

Afterward, local police officers arrived at the scene to extinguish the fire. 

Some protesters targeted the embassy’s windows using laser pens and flashlights.

Hong Kong protester Pete and a group of Hong Kongers held signs and banners accusing China of infiltrating social media. 

He told VOA that China controls people on social media, and they are not allowed to publish statements that express opposition to China.

Miss Huang told Radio Free Asia that this day reminded them they had lost freedom because of the Party. She added that this day is not worth celebrating because of the established evil regime. Freedom in many parts of the world is eroding. 

Miss Huang said, “I think to me, this is a very horrible and evil regime.”

Meanwhile, Tibetans and Uyghurs denounced the regime’s strict COVID pandemic prevention measures. 

According to Radio Free Asia, under China’s COVID lockdown measures in the northern Xinjiang city of Ghulja, at least 22 people died from starvation or a lack of medical care on September 15.

Government censors also deleted several videos that desperate Uyghurs shared on Chinese social media.

At least 15 protests, marches, and other events broke out across the U.K. They “say NO” to the CCP and asked locals to join them by preventing infiltration and boycotting its products.

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