A foreign internet celebrity earlier released a video of life in Xinjiang, indirectly exposing the harsh treatment imposed upon Chinese people under Beijing’s rule.

On Monday, June 6, a netizen posted a video on the well-known social and news website “Reddit” with this caption: 

“Foreign travel bloggers visit the home of the enthusiastic Kazakh family in Xinjiang! During the banquet, the old man and the child voluntarily jumped onto a happy black horse!”

In the video, the Kazakh family is singing and dancing, but during the second half, some Han government officials and filmmakers outside the window are allegedly monitoring the family and taking pictures. They are looking inside, seemingly closely monitoring every move of the people inside the house.

This is a Youtube video posted earlier by the foreign internet celebrity “Jerry Goode” who lives in China. His Youtube channel describes his life in China, which usually paints China in a positive light. He went to Xinjiang to shoot from January 20 to 26 this year. The above content was used as evidence that “the CCP did not do genocide to the Uighurs.” However, it is suspected that the video has since been removed from YouTube because it unintentionally exposed the CCP officials monitoring ethnic minorities in Xinjiang and manipulating propaganda.

Erkin Azat is a citizen journalist from Haqsa who is currently in exile in France. He told ipkmedia that the video shows the CCP’s mode of repression in Xinjiang has not changed.

Through this seemingly singing and dancing video, Azat said we could also see how hopeless the Kazakhs and Uighurs in that area are. They are displayed like “happy” animals in a zoo, and government personnel constantly monitor them. 

In an interview, Ilham Mahmud, president of the Japanese Uighur Association, told RFA that a foreigner could not come and go freely to shoot in the strictly controlled Xinjiang. He pointed out that “Jerry Goode” is a “foreign fifty cents” under CCP control. 

50 Cent Party, 50 Cent Army, or wumao are terms for Internet commentators who Beijing hires to spread propaganda on the Internet. The name is derived from the allegation that such people are paid 0.50 yuan for every post.

Ilham Mahmud said that the people outside the window brought this “foreign fifty cents” here. They then monitored the family and welcomed him in a “warm way.” The Chinese government employs these people who take money as their worship to help praise the Communist Party. And the Chinese Communist Party is using these people to tell lies to the world. But recently, the world has understood that what China says and what China does are different. And the “happy scenes” of ethnic groups in the Uighur region are all fake.

RFA said the content of “Jerry Goode” on YouTube, Twitter, and other social media is similar to the content uploaded by most other “foreign fifty cents” army. Most of which criticize the Western democratic system, such as the U.S. They show the “happy life” of the Chinese people against the allegations of strict epidemic policies and concentration camps in Xinjiang.

In December, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) published a report showing how the Chinese government uses foreign networks to exert influence. The New York Times had an article on this. Several YouTubers who allegedly helped China whitewash its crime and spread its propaganda include the father and son of Lee Barrett from the U.K. In a video, they said that the Western reports and accusations of China’s genocide against the Uighurs were for the sake of “Stop China’s rise.” Other netizens rated as well-known foreigners who spread China’s propaganda include American Jerry Kowal and Israeli Raz Gal-Or.

Michelle Bachelet, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, visited Xinjiang last month. In a press release after the visit, she joined the Chinese government and called the concentration camps “education and training centers” without mentioning genocide. And the only problem with this center is in her quote, “lack of independent judicial oversight.” 

According to RFA, people concerned about the Xinjiang issue said that China has not stopped the genocide but only stepped up its efforts to cover up and clean up the ground. And activists said Bachelet, in this case, has helped the Chinese government whitewash its crime.

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