Due to the experience of their city’s closure without warning at the end of March, Shanghai citizens now worry that the nightmare will repeat. As a result, they tend to snap up shopping resources in a hurry, leaving vegetable shelves in supermarkets empty.

According to Central News Agency, in response to the confirmed cases that emerged in different districts after unblocking, local authorities announced that they would implement large-scale nucleic acid testing over the weekend of June 11 to 12. They also adopted a short-term lockdown during testing.

Although the officials said that things would return to normal after the screening, crows of people rushed to supermarkets to stock up on food supplies.

A reporter from the Central News Agency visited several supermarkets. He found that it was not so crowded. Some supplies, such as frozen food, beverage, snacks, and milk, are still available. However, the shelves with vegetables are swept empty.

The city’s sudden closure in March has cast a shadow over the Shanghai people. Even after the lockdown was lifted, citizens are still worried and anxious. They quickly panic at the slightest sign of an announcement from the authorities.

Shanghai Municipal Health Commission announced on the morning of June 12 that there were ten new confirmed cases and 19 asymptomatic infections from midnight June 10 to midnight on June 11. 

The continued emergence of social cases shows that the Zero-Covid policy is still challenging to break and makes it difficult for the people of Shanghai to escape from the shadow of city closure.

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