On June 15, Yu Qian from Ezhou city, Hubei province, filed a reconsideration letter to the local authorities. He wanted his phone back, which has been seized after he posted online comments about the stay-at-home order in Echeng district.

According to Chinese media Da Ji Yuan, when Echeng announced that it was closing down several areas on April 10, Yu alleged on social media that the authorities were downplaying the real measurements. He said the entire district had been silently shut down, with notices that lacked legal basis.

Yu said on June 17 that about 300,000 inhabitants in Echeng have been subjected to closure. He said the policy was implemented without any official document from the relevant department.

A letter from the local police said that Yu was being investigated for allegedly picking quarrels and provoking trouble. For that reason, his phone would be seized as evidence for 30 days starting April 20. 

In the Application for Administrative Review filed to the Judicial Bureau of Echeng District, Yu stated that he had freedom of speech and did not violate any law. He said it was illegal for the law enforcement departments to take his phone away.

Yu said his phone remained confiscated until this day. Besides, he said the officials also wanted to put him under administrative detention for 15 days. Initially, his detention was planned to take effect on June 4, but because of the pandemic, the detention center rejected him.

June 4 remarks on the Tiananmen Square massacre. Yu believed the scheduled detention was partly because he would speak about the event annually.

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