Professor Zhang Tianliang commented on the news that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi plans to visit Taiwan in Dawn Time on July 26.

Zhang said that if Pelosi visits Taiwan, it would be very good for her Democratic Party. 

The Democratic Party lost a lot of credibility by deciding to pull troops out of Afghanistan, allowing high inflation and the crisis on the southern border to happen, among other problems.

Therefore, the Democratic Party needs tough diplomatic action to regain credibility before this year’s midterm elections.

Zhang said that the Democratic Party did not want to see Pelosi abandon her visit to Taiwan because of pressure from the Chinese Communist Party. 

Because mainstream public opinion in the United States is so strongly anti-communist, the Green Party is very concerned that Pelosi’s withdrawal will give the Republican Party the upper hand in the midterm elections.

There is an important factor influencing whether or not Pelosi will visit Taiwan. That is whether Pelosi gets support from the Biden administration.

Zhang said, recently, U.S. officials have visited Taiwan by military plane. However, the military aircraft deployment for these operations is in the hands of the president.

Trump once blocked Pelosi from using a military plane. So if Biden agrees to allow the Speaker of the House to use military aircraft to Taiwan, this action shows that the Biden administration has a plan to protect Pelosi and, of course, support her visit.

According to Zhang, the current circumstances do not allow the Biden administration to show weakness. That is why Zhang believes there is a 90% chance that Pelosi will visit Taiwan.

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