The University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) has seen multiple protests over the past few days as Chinese students show solidarity with the mainland. To many of them, the “zero-COVID” policy has awakened them from the communist dream.

According to Chinese media Da Ji Yuan, a student said he used to believe in the Chinese regime’s ideologies. But he saw the COVID-testing mandates as inhumane, adding that moms have been separated from their babies.

An anonymous female student said she had reviewed her past aspiration to join the People’s Liberation Army because of the “zero-COVID” policy. She said, “What I love is the people of my country. I don’t care what the government is.”

Monica Wu, a graduate student studying film production, attended a candlelight vigil at the school’s campus entrance on November 29.

She told the Daily Trojan, “[Many Chinese people] didn’t grow up in an environment that was safe to [protest in]. So this is all new to us, and I was very moved tonight.”

The Chinese communist regime is notorious for subduing opposing voices. Sporadic arrests have occurred during the protests on the mainland. Reportedly violence was involved, most notably was the case of a BBC reporter, who was kicked and beaten up.

According to The New York Times, the police are hunting down protesters and intimidating them with the help of surveillance tools.

A UCLA student urged the military and law enforcement to discern right from wrong and not point guns at their people. He said that the protests erupted because people wanted to resume work and find food. 

He said, “Loving the country is not the same as loving the Party. I love the people of my country, but I don’t love the Communist Party.”

A restaurant owner who requested to keep his name private told the Los Angeles Times many Chinese have remained silent on human rights abuses against Uyghurs. He believed the “zero-COVID” policy makes them realize everyone is the same regardless of ethnicity in front of the communists.

He said, “This is a breaking point. They’re recognizing that the government is suppressing them as well.”
This UCLA student is bowing at the vigil of the Urumqi victims as he apologizes to the Uyghur community for their oppression.

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