1. Passengers forced to leave train halfway for immediate Covid test 

A video showing passengers being forced to leave the Shanghai-Beijing high-speed train for Covid tests has recently been circulated and caught public attention.

An epidemic-prevention staff, known as Dabai, shouted via a loudspeaker that all passengers had to get off the train immediately and proceed to the epidemic prevention department for Covid testing because a passenger in the train’s second compartment had a positive test result. 

The staff explained that this requirement is a must as they have been in close contact with the infected case. She further called on the passengers’ cooperation and urged them to leave the train quickly. 

The announcement received an intense backlash. Some asked her to deliver the relevant documents of the procedures. Meanwhile, some questioned why they had not spotted the infected case as he got on the train. 

The staff did not answer these questions. Instead, she called on the passengers’ sympathy and urged them to follow the request with priority. 

Then, she kept urging passengers to leave quickly, saying the earlier the testing, the earlier they would be released.

2. Shanghai: Dabai turn out in droves to ‘catch’ Covid-infected patients

Footage shows a large number of Dabai in almost every corner of the Ganquan community in Shanghai. 

They are on standby and ready to ‘catch’ patients with positive test results. 

This is not the first case in which Covid-infected patients are treated like criminals under China’s extreme Covid-control measures.

Dabai, who strictly enforce epidemic-control measures, can violently break into people’s houses without previous announcement.

They can forcibly drag residents to quarantine sites regardless of the backlashes.

3. Shanghai: Residents stand under the rain in multiple long lines, waiting for a health code scan

The footage shows Shanghai residents waiting at the Songjiang Sheshan Subway Station during the rush hour on the morning of June 13 for a health code scan.

They are holding umbrellas under the rain, queuing up in endlessly long lines. They are waiting to be scanned one by one to be allowed to go to work. 

At the same time, many are standing, hesitating whether to join the lines or not. 

Under China’s strict epidemic-control measures, nucleic acid testing and the green health code have become necessary in several cities, such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi’an, and Beijing. 

Residents must present a negative nucleic acid testing result within 72 hours to enter schools and office buildings, take public transportation or even see the doctor. 

4. Sichuan: Airline refuses to let passenger board after nucleic acid certificate expires for 3 minutes

The footage shows staff of China Eastern Airlines at the Sichuan branch denying a passenger to get on board after his nucleic acid certificate has expired for three minutes. 

The passenger responded by indignantly asking, “I’m only 3 minutes away from the deadline. Do the regulations request you to count on every second?”

The man kept angrily asking questions regarding the regulations. In the end, however, he was unsuccessful in convincing them to get on board.

6. Third and fourth villages of Meilong town, Shanghai, closed again

The footage shows Shanghai preparing to close the third and the fourth villages of Meilong town. 

Facing the village lockdown, residents say, “It’s really endless!”

On June 12, Heping Community, Lane 930, Luoxiu Road, Shanghai, detected a positive case. 

One day later, on June 13, it was reported that Shanghai Huanlong Market would be closed. 

The news made residents panic, and they started to flee away. 

Shanghai has been under lockdown for over two months. The financial hub had announced a reopening on June 1. However, several areas have remained closed, while many others were closed again after a short time of reopening.

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