Chinese dictionary use of rude meanings of words causes parental concern

Dictionaries are one of the necessary tools when students learn a language, and it helps them to understand the usage of words and the meaning of the language.

But the Xinhua Chinese dictionary published by Commerce Magazine rudely explains some words. It made parents complain, “If I let my children see these words, how do I explain it to them? “

A video shows a woman who said that the 11th edition of the Xin Hua dictionary explains the word “play” by citing many words and phrases, including “play with a ball,” “go out and play,” and other common uses.

Additionally, the word “play” also has the phrase “play with,” and the definitions are divided into three kinds such as “fiddling with,” “playing with,” and “teasing.” The example phrase for teasing is actually “playing with women.”

According to Sohu, a Chinese teacher in Wuhan explained that dictionaries are commonly used reference books. Some dictionaries mainly record Mandarin vocabulary, so reference books may include words people often use in life. However, “Xinhua Dictionary” is mainly used for primary and secondary school teachers and students. Therefore, the examples for using words need to be suitable, and caution should be used with the language norms of primary and middle school students.

Shanghai flooded after a heavy rain, flowing like a stream in people’s house

Shanghai issued two yellow warnings for heavy rain and lightning at the same time on Monday.

According to the Shanghai Central Meteorological Station warnings, the central urban area such as Jiading, Minhang, Qingpu, Songjiang, and other places will experience short-term heavy precipitation with an hourly rainfall of more than 50 mm (1.96 inches) due to strong precipitation clouds. Lightning activity is expected to occur, accompanied by short-time heavy rainfall of 20-35 mm (0.7- 1.4 inches) in an hour.

Videos shared on the internet show that Shanghai has also experienced severe flooding. The street was flooded with water, and the cars were like canoes running on the road. Water has also flooded into the house, flowing like a stream. In addition, a clothing store was also flooded, and the clothes that could not be moved were wet.

Rare tidal spectacle in the Qiantang River

A video of China Central Television’s channel CGTN shared online shows the beautiful crossing of two tidal glasses of water on the Qiantang River. This is the largest river in Zhejiang province, flowing into Hangzhou Bay.

The biggest attraction of the Qiantang tide is its changing shape, where the south tide and the east tide, which originally flowed upstream from east to west, collide and intersect to form a cross tide. The shape of the cross tide varies yearly due to changes in the river channel and the sediment in the river. The forces vary from one to another, sometimes forming a tidal wave or a herringbone tide. This is the special beauty of The Qiantang River, which is famous worldwide.

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