Dongxing City, Guangxi, has been closed for over half a year since February. However, on September 12, the city reported that the pandemic was not eliminated and will continue to take strong measures to control it. The local people were angry that there was no need to control them like that; survival had become difficult.

A citizen of Dongxing City said in an interview with Epoch Times on the 12th that too many things have happened in the past nine months. The main problem now is that people in Dongxing City have been quarantined at home, students can’t go to school, many people don’t have jobs, and the streets have become empty.

Netizens have commented on the situation in Guangxi;

“How long have you been locked up?” Some netizens replied: “From February 23 this year to today.”

 “Once at the end of last year, and from the end of February this year to the present, the most difficult thing is that children are not allowed to go to school!”

Shops, supermarkets, business premises, and schools in Dongxin have closed down, making it difficult for citizens, especially immigrants, to find jobs. Many unskilled laborers had to return to their hometowns or find another way to make a living.

This town has been closed for half a year due to the epidemic.

There are students who will take the University entrance exam after 9 days of school

The town with more than 300,000 people is now just over 30,000 people after a large number of people left because of the epidemic

According to Dajiyuan China, a Dongxin citizen disclosed that in the past seven months of lockdown, the officials only issued one subsidy for daily necessities, three packs of flour, one barrel of oil, and one pack of rice per household. Later, a subsidy of 60 yuan ($8.60) and a box of mooncakes per household were issued on Mid-Autumn Festival day. This citizen escaped from Dongxing City at the end of August.  

Zhou Tianyi (pseudonym), a sophomore at Dongxing Middle School, told the Epoch Times reporter on the 12th that since February 24th and 25th this year, he has been taking online classes at home when he was still in his freshman year of high school. He waited until June to return to school. But he stayed in the dormitory for a month or two before going to the hotel to quarantine and then was sent home.

 Until now, there is no definite date for return to school.

Xiaoying (pseudonym), a female middle school student in Dongxing Town, Dongxing City, also told Epoch Times reporters on September 12 that the local area has been closed intermittently from the beginning of the year to the present, and it started on September 3. She said that nucleic acid tests were done daily in school. Students were not allowed to go to the classroom to study, and they would take books back to the dormitory to learn. Also, they went to eat in batches, grade by grade.

In June, there was another case in Xiaoying’s school, and all 2,000 people in the school were put into quarantine. “There is no internet class in the hotel, so I go to bed every day. After the quarantine, I went home and stayed at home until now.” She added, “There is no freedom when staying at home, every day is so empty, and I can’t go to work or school.”

Xiaoying revealed to the Epoch Times that a group protest broke out in Dongxing City on June 5 this year. “The protest leader was not well managed or controlled. The leader did not come forward and the police stopped it.”

Xiaoying said, “The situation in the square cabin is not very good either. A bunch of people, just a few doctors, and nurses. The medicine will not be given to you. If the child has a fever, he will be told to drink more water, but the water is not available.”, “Supermarkets and fast food restaurants have all moved away or closed down, and all the people who work there have run away. Dongxing City is almost in the state of an empty city.”

“On December 21, 2021, the first case was discovered in Jiangping Town, Dongxing City. Classes were suspended throughout the city, and everyone was quarantined. They returned to school in mid-January 2022. In the first round of the epidemic, Dongxing perfectly controlled the spread and successfully closed.

However, on February 24, 2022, the variant broke out again, and it has continued to this day! Students can only stay at home for one semester of online classes, and adults cannot go out to work!

 Who is putting the masses in dire straits!?

The school in Dongxing was originally scheduled to open on September 1 and return to school for closed-loop management. How did you know that you were again facing a major outbreak of the pandemic! Students cannot go back to school to study normally! As a sophomore in Dongxing City, I was only in the first semester of my senior year when I was in school!

It’s much more than that. At noon on September 6, the city was shut down for three hours due to the discovery of floating corpses in the water supply!

Dongxing shouts to clear COVID to zero every day, but how can it be cleared when it comes out for no reason?

And what we Dongxing citizens have experienced, the outside world doesn’t know about it! And it has to be rejected by others! It’s like being abandoned! Countless sorrows are indescribable. I just hope that everyone I see can drive away the heat of the Dongxing epidemic and let more people see our small town! Si Si is here#”

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