Surveillance footage shows a group of men brutally beating women in a restaurant Tangshan City, Hebei Province, on June 10. The incident sparks public outrage over sexual harassment in the country as people call for the suspects to be severely punished.

Video footage from the restaurant in the northeastern city of Tangshan shows that a man is seen walking over to a group of women who were dining there. 

The man allegedly placed his hand on a woman’s back. She rejected and pushed him away. 

The man then slapped the woman in the face and beat other women at the table.

Subsequently, a group of men rushed into the restaurant and started beating the woman and her friends with chairs and beer bottles.

The man repeatedly beat the woman in the white T-shirt. He held her hair and dragged her outside. After she fell to the ground, he viciously kicked her head and face.

Two of the women reportedly received hospital care. 

The case has drawn heated public discussion, and it dominated Chinese social media topics on Saturday. Reuters reported that state-run television called for severe punishment of the suspects.

As The Washington Post reported on June 12, after the footage circulated online, China’s officials arrested all nine suspects involved in the case. The investigation is still underway. 

Social media users have condemned Tangshan police for their slow response in arresting the suspects.

Regarding the violent incident, one Weibo user with the nickname BaobaomaoDaren said, “I’m a woman, and I have a daughter.” She then wondered if this society would protect her and her child.

Lu Xiaoquan, a Beijing-based lawyer specializing in women’s rights, said, “What happened in Tangshan means any Chinese woman can be beaten up at any time for any reason.”

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