The COVID-19 pandemic in Tianjin continues to spread, and the number of positive cases continues to increase. It is reported that a large number of temporary quarantine sites have been urgently built in Tianjin, and a large number of residents have been quarantined overnight. Authorities also sealed off many communities to limit people’s freedom to enter and exit. A woman was seen crying in despair at the side of the road in the middle of the night.

Since the end of September, Tianjin has recorded continuous positive cases locally.

On September 27, it was reported at a press conference in Tianjin that the current outbreak there is intense, with more than 70 new infections per day. Currently, the disease has spread to 88 streets in 14 districts. In addition, the omicron variant BA5.2.1 this time is spreading faster, and the average incubation period has been shortened to just one to two days.

The pandemic situation in Tianjin is serious, quarantine facilities are urgently being built, many shops have to close, busy shopping centers before are now deserted, the service hotline is difficult to connect.

A video on YouTube on September 30 shows a woman crying in despair on the sidewalk under the night lights, “I’m dying! There are convoys of buses in the dark taking people to quarantine.”

In a video, a resident called the government hotline 12345 but no one answered. The bustling AEON shopping center in Tianjin is now empty. In the shopping center, there are almost no customers. One man said, “This is the most prosperous ‘AEON’ shopping mall in Tianjin, is AEON in Xiqing District.”

The community is enclosed by tight iron sheets. Residents can only see out through small gaps. They are looking for a way out. Residents in the lockdown community can only buy food through the iron gate. All stores in Tianjin were forced to close.

A man looked at a large truck on the road carrying iron sheets in surprise and said, “It’s not finished! Thought the lockdown was lifted, it was sealed again!”

It can also be seen that the streets of Tianjin are empty. The commercial areas are empty, and the communities are quiet, making people feel “frightened”!

Vision Times has some translated quotes from Chinese netizens from Tianjin. One said, “Aeon Xiqing is in front of my house. It’s sad to see a busy place become so deserted as it is now. Half of Tianjin is basically paralyzed.”

Another commented, “When I was a child, I often heard about the country behind the iron curtain. I didn’t expect to see it with my own eyes after 50 years.”

There were also comments that only the Chinese are isolated like this. The rest of the world is moving forward.

One netizen pointed out, “This is to test if the slaves are persistent and loyal every day.”

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