On November 13, the men’s final of the Sevens Series rugby tournament between South Korea and Hong Kong took place in Incheon City in South Korea. The 2019 pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong’s unofficial anthem was played before the game instead of China’s national anthem. [VIDEO]

According to the South China Morning Post, in addition to expressing “strong opposition” with South Korea’s top diplomat in the city, the Hong Kong authority has demanded an investigation into the incident.

On November 14, Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu stated it was “unacceptable” that the organizers of the tournament—Asia Rugby—played the “Glory to Hong Kong” instead of “March of the Volunteers.”

He added, “Asia Rugby has already apologized but, given the national anthem is a serious matter, the city authority will write to it demanding a probe into the incident.”

Earlier, a Hong Kong authority spokesman said Asia Rugby had verified the team’s coach had provided the “correct” recording. However, the wrong song was played owing to the “human error of a junior staffer of the local organizer.”

The spokesman emphasized that the team had informed the organizer of the mistake when the incorrect song began playing. Additionally, “March of the Volunteers” was played at the prize-giving ceremony following the game, which Hong Kong won.
After the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong erupted, the song “Glory to Hong Kong” was written in 2019. Amid the mainland Chinese Communist Party’s growing interference with civil liberties, the song calls for democracy and freedom.

Typically, China’s national anthem, which praises communism, is used whenever Hong Kong sports teams compete overseas.

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