Da Jiyuan interviewed Yuan Hongbing on May 19th. He commented on some rumors about Xi Jinping’s power before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

These rumors are that Li Keqiang would replace Xi Jinping, but Xi had a brain tumor.

Yuan Hongbing said that some people deliberately pin their hopes on Li Keqiang and Xi Jinping. But Li Keqiang had turned to Xi Jinping. He will support Xi Jinping’s lifelong rule at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

Li Keqiang is not an opponent of replacing Xi Jinping. Xi Jinping has removed his political opponents during his nearly ten-year power purge.

Yuan Hongbing also said that the rumor would put people live in an illusion. It will do nothing but harm China’s movement against the tyranny of the CCP.

There are only two ways for China’s future: First, people of conscience within the system carry out a regime coup. Second, there was a nationwide revolt like the Tiananmen Incident in 1989. Only two ways can destroy the tyranny of the CCP.

Yuan Hongbing added that Xi Jinping is in a massive crisis, mainly in several aspects.

The first is the economic crisis

He wants to return to the state monopoly capital of the Mao Zedong period. Therefore, he has destroyed the economic system running for 30 years in China since Deng Xiaoping. Then Xi built a new economic system, but it was an extremely old, failed state-planned economy. As a result, China’s economy is plunging. The wave of unemployment has come; it is the main sign of economic crisis.

The second is a political crisis

Yuan Hongbing said that 90 percent of CCP officials are now disaffected and resentful of Xi Jinping.

The third is the social crisis

Public grievances are boiling in dozens of critical Chinese cities. They have been furious due to the lockdown policy to prevent the epidemic.

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