Data released by research institutes in China on June 16 revealed a concerning amount of unemployment among college graduates in the country just two weeks prior. 

According to  China News, the 2022 Graduation Season Research and Analysis Report found that as of May 29, only 29% of the college graduates have been able to find a job or had an offer. 

The data was collected by 58 Tongcheng and Go Market Direct Recruitment

At the same time, the report stated that the graduates had been the most active in their search for employment between January and April this year.

79% of the graduates want to start working right away, 20% prefer slow employment, and only 1% do not want to perform a temporary job. 

Because of the pandemic, 51% of the graduates aim for a more stable job, 33% have their career plan unchanged, and 16% still expect more challenging employment. 

The pandemic has also worn down expectations for higher salaries. 48% of the respondents were content with jobs offering relatively low income, whereas only 13% were looking forward to a higher wage range.

The annual graduation season in China will arrive in the next two months. This year, the country will celebrate more than 10 million fresh graduates.

Schools are linking the graduation certificate to employment agreements to pursue a high employment rate. But unfortunately, it means that a student can only receive their graduation award after they have already secured a job.

On June 7, citing reported that, in early March this year, a student majoring in finance at a junior college in Henan Province was told a graduation certificate would not be issued until an employment agreement was signed.

The situation has led to further falsification problems. For example, as reported, some Taobao vendors only required 100 yuan (about 15 dollars) to finish the online signing procedure and produce a scanned copy of the receipt for students.

Several graduates confirmed that they were forced to spend money on the signature service.

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