A Chinese province has asked that all residents in a township conduct nucleic acid testing after one case of Covid was found.

Huadu District, Guangzhou Province, released an order on July 2, demanding nucleic acid testing for all people in Huadong Town on the night of that day. 

Some posts on local social media show that the residents in Huadong Town stood in line while holding umbrellas in the rain to conduct nucleic acid overnight.

Many Chinese people have become tired of the authorities’s excessive Covid testing and extreme epidemic prevention measures.

There are a lot of complaints from netizens on Chinese social platform Weibo.

One commented: “Laughing to death, just one case, not sure whether it is positive or not, and began to do nucleic acid again.” 

Another wrote: “This virus is already like this. There’s really no need to panic in one case, right?”

A netizen lamented: “Since the epidemic, I have spent more than 1,000 yuan on nucleic acid testing at my own expense. I don’t know how much you spent? I’m just a student who doesn’t travel very often. Based on a population of 1.4 billion, this is 1,400 billion (yuan), 1,400 billion! It’s almost the GDP of Heilongjiang Province in one year.”

As the China authorities insist on implementing the zero-Covid policy, nucleic acid testing has emerged to be the most profitable industry.

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