Shanghai has been closed for nearly two months. In a village called Fengcheng No. 3, authorities want to move many residents to another place for quarantine. However, many of them tested negative and were not in close contact with Covid patients. The villagers said this is the one-size-fits-all approach. Many villagers refused to move, so hundreds of police officers came to threaten. Villagers get to the Internet for help, attracting public attention.

A source told NTD News that on Wednesday, May 11, policemen came to the village to force people to the quarantine site. The villagers asked them to tell them their names and police numbers. Only one did. He gave the police number and did not give his name. The police came back at 7 p.m.. Some of them behaved rudely.

The villagers asked them again to give their names and police numbers. The police scolded the villagers and told them to “shut up”. They even cursed the villagers. During the whole time the villagers were packing the stuff to bring along to the quarantine site, the police did not allow them to close the door. They monitored the whole process and only gave the villagers 20 minutes to pack the items.

In the early Thursday morning, May 12, the netizen posted on Weibo a photo allegedly taken at the quarantine site. The room in the image was very simple. There was only an iron bed, a plastic stool, a toilet, and a simple wash basin. There was no mattress on the bed. Just a thin blanket.

One netizen complained of the harsh conditions. Five days without Internet. No shower. Worse than military training. And the sound of engine, the sound of bus horn, the sound of footsteps. He can not sleep at all.

Another netizen posted that the elders in his family had acute medical conditions like cerebral infarction and gastric perforation. But the Feng Sanyi neighborhood committee still insisted that the elders be moved to the quarantine center.
WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on May 10 that China’s zero-Covid-19 policy is not sustainable in dealing with the Omicron.

China’s leaders have shown their determination to maintain draconian measures. They threatened action against critics who questioned its Covid policy even as prolonged lockdowns exact a heavy toll on the economy.

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