Chinese netizens are debating voraciously about some vulgar illustrations in Chinese textbooks and children’s books. People question how such explicitly pornographic content passed the review and express concern over the harmful effects it might bring to the children’s mental health.

Hot topics such as “​​”Personal Education Edition Mathematics Textbook” and “Personal Education Edition Teaching Materials” is widely circulating on Chinese social media Weibo. As of late May 26, the “Personal Education Edition Mathematics Textbook” has raised more than 1.4 billion views and over 410,000 comments and discussions.

In one case, a textbook illustration shows a boy wearing pants. And the pants highlighted the traces of his private parts. 

And another shows an image of two girls being harassed by two boys. One boy lifts a girl’s skirt while another touches the other girl’s breast from behind.

Another unfit image.

Netizens complain that this elementary school textbook is sexually suggestive. Furthermore, they ask why the author did not notice while drawing the lower part.

In other images, some children have eyes way far apart, hairlines too high, and tongues sticking out … 

Many netizens say that the illustrations are lustful and lack aesthetic values. They are worried that it will affect the aesthetic development of children.

After the incident, the publishers’ website replied that it’s redrawing the cover and some illustrations in the textbooks to improve the design quality.

The problem also occurs with primary school textbooks. Children’s picture books also have the same fate.

A controversial children’s book named “Sweat” teaches kids about the concept of sweating. However, the illustration on one page is quite bizarre. There are two boys fervently holding and licking a girl’s hand. 

One of them said, “Sister, you are so beautiful, what does your sweat smell like?” 

The other said, “Well, it’s salty too.”

The girl in the image seemed quite proud.

Netizens said that it’s hard to believe that this is for children. They ask how this book can pass the review.

The publisher announced that they removed the book “Sweat!” from circulation and will assign experts to proofread it. 

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