According to Aboluowang, a number of Chinese-Australian people have recently been shocked after their bank accounts in Australia suddenly disappeared.

A netizen said that he was surprised when he opened the banking app to check his account. He said his Commonwealth Bank account disappeared.

A number of Chinese netizens on the “Little Red Book” platform said that their Australian bank accounts were inexplicably locked. Their money in the account cannot be used for payment or transferred.

Many users left comments, saying that they encountered the same problem.

[Quote] “I’m in the same situation. Has it been solved now?”

“Fortunately, I read your post, I also found this problem this morning.”

“I had the same problem yesterday, and it was only resolved after I went to the bank.” [End quote]

Some people thought this was a bug in the banking app. However, after they refreshed the app, the account interface remained unchanged.

Earlier in July, a Chinese man found a Wickled Wings store and intended to buy some. When he paid, he found that his Commonwealth Bank card failed to pay. He opened the app to check and found that his account disappeared. He also found some of his friends experienced similar situations.

These victims investigated and found out that they had not updated their personal tax information required by their banks. After filling in the Australian and Chinese tax information as required, their accounts could return to normal.

Some Australian banks, including ANZ, are seeking to eliminate cross-border tax evasion by asking their customers to update their tax information.

A netizen named Xiaohongshu said that she is a Chinese student in Australia. Regarding her troubled banking app, she said that she filled in the form of tax information and everything returned to normal.

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