On Feb. 10, a Chinese man with black tattoos on both arms, a black hat, and a black shirt began attacking the Falun Gong truth-clarification site in front of the Flushing Library in New York. He then moved to another location outside the Flushing Golden Mall, hitting, kicking, vandalizing, and other acts.

Falun Gong practitioners called the police, who stated that they would apprehend this person as soon as they locate him.

Chinese-language media Da Ji Yuan reported that this is the second time a mob has attacked a Falun Gong practitioner in Flushing.

Police detained Li Hua Hong, a woman with a long history of anti-Falun Gong actions in Flushing. Between 2011 and 2013, Li Hua Hong appeared in court 17 times, and on Jan. 8, 2013, she was convicted of “physical assault” and handed a criminal record.

On Feb. 5, many people participated in the Chinese New Year Parade organized by the Chinese Business Association of Flushing, New York.

The procession of Falun Gong practitioners included floats, a heavenly orchestra, a banner team, a lion dance team, a colorful flag team, and a flower boat team to bring good fortune, peace, and joy to the people who were suffering from the epidemic.

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