On August 11, in Chongqing, a gas station used diesel as gasoline, causing nearly 200 vehicles to be damaged after refueling. 

According to Chongqing Radio and Television, one of the customers of the gas station, Mr. Zhou, said that the gas station would bear the repair cost and compensate $119 (800 yuan) and a fuel tank for each car.

On August 14, an automobile expert told Jimu News reporter that it was best to clean the vehicle as soon as possible when this happens. The maintenance cost of high-end vehicles may be higher, and the specific plan depends on the negotiation between the two parties.

As reported by Shang You news on August 12, the Shengtian gas station was located in Puti Street, Changshou District, Chongqing. The gas station staff said it was not a problem of oil quality but a misoperation. The gas station was currently closed. 

The Sub-district Market Supervision Office said it intervened in the investigation and went to the gas station for on-site disposal.

Regarding the aftermath, the gas station staff told the media that the gas station would bear the repair costs and compensate $119 (800 yuan) and an oil tank for each car.

On August 14, Mr. Song (surname changed), a resident near Shengtian gas station, told a Jimu News reporter that the gas station was still closed. 

Some car owners did not accept $119 (800 yuan) compensation for cleaning the vehicle’s fuel tank and engine, replacing the oil circuit, oil filter, etc. The compensation fee would be higher for some high-end and luxury cars.

Wang Bin, honorary president of Wuhan Automobile Circulation Industry Association, told Jimu News that the main difference between gasoline and diesel vehicles was that the engine was different, and the exhaust gas produced by the combustion was also different. 

 Wang Bin said the specific compensation plan and the amount would vary according to the vehicle’s condition. Generally, the maintenance cost of high-end and luxury cars would be higher.

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