Sound of Hope reported that the USS Tripoli, a cutting-edge amphibious assault ship of the U.S. Navy, only completed last month, has recently arrived in the Pacific, where China is stepping up military moves.

On May 17, the official Chinese media Observer cited the U.S. Department of Defense’s report on May 15 that the USS Tripoli arrived in the 7th Fleet area.

According to Observer, in addition to the USS Tripoli, the U.S. military’s Lincoln aircraft carrier strike group is still active in the Philippine Sea. This ship is not far from China’s Liaoning fleet.

The Chinese media added that this is the first time that the two US-class amphibious assault ships in active service of the U.S. military have gathered in the Asia-Pacific. This generally means that the U.S. military will conduct more military operations in the waters surrounding China in the next few weeks.

USNI News on May 16 reported that the USS Tripoli made an unannounced trip from a naval base in California to the Western Pacific two weeks ago for independent deployment. The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps will test the ship’s additional capabilities as an aircraft carrier strike group.

According to The War Zone, “The USS Tripoli does not feature a floodable well deck like their counterparts. Instead, they were designed with more space to accommodate aircraft like the F-35B and everything that comes with operating them, like fuel, maintenance personnel, spaces and equipment, and munitions.”

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