Shanghai Petrochemical Online Weibo news reported that at about 4 am on June 18, a fire broke out in the ethylene glycol plant area of the Shanghai Petrochemical Department. The company immediately started the first-level plan and is currently under emergency management.

According to the official website: Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited is a holding subsidiary of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation. It’s located in Jinshan District, Shanghai, and is one of China’s primary integrated oil refining and chemical companies. The company’s main products were refined oil, intermediate petrochemical, synthetic resins, and synthetic fibers.

Video of the scene showed multiple possible points of fire, and explosions could be heard.

Netizens also actively commented about this incident. Some netizens also said they heard a terrible explosion and hoped there were no casualties.

A netizen revealed today that it’s Shanghai Petrochemical’s 50th birthday.

Recently, consecutive explosions and fires have occurred at chemical factories in China.

On June 16, an explosion occurred in a chemical enterprise in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, raising a huge white mushroom-like cloud. So far, the explosion has caused at least eight people to be injured, and six people are missing.

Another explosion occurred in the Haike Ruilin Chemical Plant in Dongying Port Economic Development Zone, Dongying City, Shandong山东 Province, in the early morning of May 22. No casualties were reported.

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