1. Shanghai Petrochemical Department suffered multiple fires on June 18

At about 4 am on June 18, a fire broke out at the Shanghai Petrochemical Department’s ethylene glycol plant area, leading to multiple explosions at the same time. A netizen revealed that the incident occurred on the department’s 50th birthday.

A Twitter user uploaded the video of this explosion, comparing it to “a Big Bang.”

2. Fire explosion in the chemical industrial park on June 16, Lanzhou city, Gansu province

A blast occurred at a sewage treatment workshop of the pesticide company Binnong Technology in Lanzhou, Gansu province, just before 7 pm on June 16. The fire covered an area of nearly 600 square meters (6,500 square feet), causing at least eight injured and six missings. More than 400 fire and rescue workers and 47 rescue vehicles are mobilized to the accident site. The actual casualty numbers have not yet been verified.

3. Historic scenic area in Beijing caught fire on June 15

A residential house in the historic scenic area of Shichahai, Beijing, caught fire on June 15. More than a dozen fire engines rushed to the scene. However, the alley leading to the burning house was too small for the fire trucks to get in. As a result, the firefighters had no choice but carried the fire extinguisher and run into the alley. Some photos taken by local netizens showed that thick smoke continued to rise from the accident site, spreading to nearby streets. In the end, the house has been burnt to rubble. Netizens joked that the fire in the backyard of Beijing was not a good sign.

4. The fire broke out in the materials market in Zhejiang Province on June 9

At about 10 am on June 9, the second floor of Building 18, Hangzhou Bay Building Materials Market in Zhejiang Province was damaged by a fire. Smoke rose hundreds of meters over the whole building. Many people tried to escape.

A witness at the scene describes the hair of many girls and their clothes getting burnt. Many people jumped down the second floor. Someone jumped down after hanging on the line of the air conditioner while someone was hiding behind the air conditioner without the courage to jump. Many others were screaming.

 As of 9 am on June 9, 11 people were sent to the hospital for treatment, and another 14 victims were under observation. As of 12 p.m the same day, 4 of the injured died after resuscitation failed. 6 people were killed, including two firefighters of the rescue team.

5. Fire broke out in the Xinjiang Military Region General Hospital on June 7

The official Weibo account of the local fire and rescue center reported the fire on June 7. The accident took place at the surgical building of the General Hospital of the Military Region, Shaybak District. The outer wall of the building caught fire, burning from the ground floor to the top with thick billowing smoke. The rescue center sent 22 fire trucks and over 100 firefighters to the scene. No casualties were reported.

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