A video posted on May 8 shows a heartbreaking separation between a mother and a son. The incident took place on Mothers’ Day, a special occasion that a mother and a son could have spent together, a happy and memorable time.

However, an online video shows a mother and a son are forcibly pulled apart by two men wearing white protective clothing.

They then forcibly drag the woman while she is reluctant to leave and cries.

During this time, her son runs over, trying to hug the mother. He also cries, “Mom, Mom.”

The two men in white did not care about the mother and the child at all. They just pull a child away and let another woman, who is perhaps the son’s relative, keep the boy.

The two men immediately hold the mother and walk away. The child is still chasing after his mother.

After that, one of the two men suddenly turns around and shouts at the residents who are filming, quote “Go back all.” end quote

Radio Free Asia also posted this video on its Twitter account. It stated that after a military order was imposed to implement the Zero-Covid approach, local governments immediately took strict measures. In a community in Shanghai, epidemic prevention personnel forcibly separated a mother and son and arrested the mother for isolation. This is a “heart-wrenching scene.”

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