Chinese brothers in the US were given a one-year prison term for smuggling more 600 turtles into China

According to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service website, two brothers convicted of transporting dozens of protected turtles to China via Hong Kong will serve the upcoming year in federal prison.

The federal prosecutors said this was a ruthless and hurtful process for the animals. Chu Sen Guan, 33, and his brother, Chu Wei Guan, 35, put more than 600 turtles into tight socks and then wrapped the socks in tape. As a result, the turtle’s legs couldn’t move, and several died in transit.

On September 29, Chu Sen Guan was sentenced to a year in prison and a $15,000 fine for participating in the scheme. Before that, his brother Chu Wei Guan received two concurrent one-year-and-a-day sentences, one year of supervised release, and a $10,000 fine for his involvement.

The court said that tortoises are used in Chinese traditional medicine. Besides, tortoises have also become a popular pet commodity for many Chinese. As a result, local tortoises are extinct, thus making American tortoises more attractive. The huge profits have led many people to think about poaching protected turtles in the U.S. and illegally exporting them to China.

Many isolation points urgently built in Tianjin: Citizens in despair

The COVID pandemic is still out of control in Tianjin as more infections continue to be reported. 

On September 27, authorities reported at a press conference that a dangerous situation characterizes the present round of COVID in Tianjin. There were more than 70 new infections per day. It has now spread to 88 streets in 14 districts. This Omicron mutant strain BA 5.2.1 spreads faster, with the average incubation period shortened by about two days.

The rapid spread of the disease means that the Tianjin authorities will tighten strict anti-epidemic measures. Many isolation points were built quickly to accommodate the number of positive infected cases heading for isolation.  

Streets and previously busy areas such as shopping malls are now empty of people. Instead, many buses carry people to quarantine points, and vans carry fences to seal off high-risk areas.

Living under control for days has affected many people’s morale. For example, a video posted on Youtube on September 30 shows a woman crying helplessly by the side of the road.

12 sailors die on Chinese ship going to Lianyungang

As reported by Reuters, a Vietnam government official said on September 30 that at least 12 sailors on a Chinese cargo ship died while sailing off the southern coast of Vietnam.

Local authorities brought the dead and the remaining crew members in critical condition ashore for emergency treatment.

The official said this ship was Wu Zhou 8, en route from Thailand to China. However, he added that it was not immediately clear what cargo the ship was transporting.

The cause of the incident is still under investigation—initial information is suspected food poisoning.

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