Recently, many retired cadres in Weining County, Guizhou province filed complaints that the pension insurance funds for more than 1,800 village cadres was appropriated by the provincial government. Without their pensions life is very difficult.

According to NTDTV, some the cadres have resorted to the internet, pointing out that they have inquired at the Guizhou Provincial Social Insurance Bureau and learned that their pensions have been withheld because their contributions were not made to social security since January 1, 2016. This means that the retired village cadres about to retire need to pay more than 9,600 yuan ($1,400) to the social security bureau.

A village cadre surname Zhang, who retired at the end of 2021, told NTDTV that besides 9,600 yuan, he has to make contributions to pension insurance for another 15 years before receiving it, and he only has 4 years before retirement. But in June, the county social security bureau forced him to hand over the remaining 73,800 yuan (over $10,000) within 3 days in order to receive the pension.

Zhang said that the pension contribution was deducted every month from his paycheck and the funds were suppose to be transferred to the social security department. If the payment wasn’t transferred there would be penalties and late fees ad until those were paid a cadre would not get pension payments. And now Zhang said that he is too old to work and he has debts to pay. life is very difficult.

Weining County consists of 610 villages, each village will have 3 village cadres, the pension insurance of 1,800 village cadres has been appropriated by the Weining county government.

Another retiree surname Yang, revealed that there are at least 100 to 200 retired cadres who do not receive pensions. and he is in the same boat with Zhang, having to make up the difference that the that was never paid to the social security department.

A gentleman by the name of Deng, also retired, said that some of the cadres had worked hard for the CCP all their lives. Some as long as 39 years. But apparently the Party has “ruthlessly abandoned its children.”

NTDTV said that some retired village cadres once wrote online complaints, but officials from the Weining provincial Party committee, the provincial government, the organization department, and the Ministry of Public Security, came to the complainants’ houses and forced them to remove the complaints.

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