As reported by Sina, the Meituan takeaway food app crashed unexpectedly. The incident occurred around 5 pm on July 4; it was dinner time for many people, and the app showed “server abnormality,” users could not open the app, as usual, to place, pay or view the order.

As of 8 pm, 3 hours from the incident, the app has not fully recovered.

A user from Hangzhou wanted to order a porridge and a fried dumpling for dinner. She opened Meituan but couldn’t order takeaway. The screen displayed, “The Internet is not strong enough to place an order for takeout.” She thought that it was her network problem. She switched and restarted several times, but it didn’t work.

An Hourly News reporter opened the Meituan takeout site. After entering, the page appeared normal. However, clicking “Takeout” showed, “Your network does not seem very powerful; please try again later.”

“Meituan collapsed” has become the hot search, attracting many comments from netizens.

A netizen wonders what is going on. 

Another reveals a problem with the code, which is very troublesome to fix.

One netizen jokes that “Your network does not seem very powerful” as a habit.

In addition to concerns about the reason for the incident, many netizens worry whether people are hungry without Meituan.

One netizen even asks how many people die without food delivered by Meituan.

Some even get angry, stating that Meituan had better disappear forever.

According to, Meituan’s takeaway collapsed again at 8 am on July 5. 

Users found that they could not view the menu or place orders, and there were no ways to log in to the system.

The second collapse took place during breakfast time. Although demand for breakfast is not as significant as that for lunch or dinner, it has already caused trouble for many users.

Some netizens say that no one has taken orders for their breakfast early in the morning. Consequently, they can only witness their breakfast slowly turning into lunch.

Others complain that if the system has a problem, the company should notify customers and not leave them in the dark.

As of writing, Meituan had not fixed the crash.

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