According to Apollo News, the Dabai, who wear white protective gear, are not strictly medical staff or volunteers. Many Dabai, or “Big White” are employed by companies benefiting greatly from the “zero-Covid” policy of the Chinese regime.

A reporter from China Business News researched several recruitment websites and found that the recruitment information “nucleic acid sampling staff,” “nucleic acid sampling and detection nurse,” and ” nucleic acid collection staff” are in high demand from medical firms.

At 6:30 a.m. on May 11, more than ten job postings for the day were posted on the recruitment website “Future No Worry.”

The qualified candidates will enjoy high remuneration compared to the labor market in China. The suggested salary ranges from 10,000-15000 yuan/month (nearly 1500 USD to nearly 2,300 USD). In addition, the Dabai can also eat, stay for free, and receive many other incentives.

According to an analysis report published by the China Business Industry Research Institute earlier this year, China’s nucleic acid testing market size reached 12.1 billion yuan (more than 18 billion dollars) in 2020. This market has grown at 18%-19% in the past two years. The market size is expected to reach 146 billion dollars by 2022.

Apollo News, argued, in fact, with frequent disease outbreaks in densely populated cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing in recent months, the market size of nucleic acid testing has exceeded these forecast numbers.

Apollo News cited financial statements saying that Zhijiang Bio’s net profit in 2020 reached 927 million yuan (about 140 million dollars), up from 1993.02 percent year on year.

Shengxiang Bio financial results were even better. Net profit belonging to the parent company in 2020 is 2.617 billion dollars, up 65 times from the previous year. The nucleic acid detection efficiency accounted for 76.6%, and the nucleic acid reagent alone brought the company a net profit of 2 billion a year.

Medical companies such as Daan Gene, Jinyu Medical, Mingde Bio, and Dongfang Bio also make huge profits thanks to the “zero-Covid” policy, which takes tests and uses chemicals and medical supplies to achieve anti-epidemic goals.

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