On June 6, a fire broke out at the Xinjiang Military Region General Hospital. The whole building was filled with thick billowing smoke. At present, zero state media have reported the incident.

A video posted by netizens on Twitter shows the hospital’s outer wall burning from the bottom up. The exterior walls of the building continued to burn and fall. The caption in the video said that the outer wall of the Xinjiang Military Region General Hospital was on fire.

The video from another angle shows a big red sign Military Region General Hospital, on the roof of the building. In front of the building, many people ran out.

However, according to the Sound of Hope, no Chinese state media has reported on the incident, and there are currently no data on casualties.

According to the International Organization to Monitor the Persecution of Falun Gong法轮功, the hospital is currently famous for mass organ harvesting.

Xinjiang Military Region General Hospital is claimed to be one of the first-class hospitals in China.

China has developed a system of transplanting organs that is second to none, and waiting times for recipients are much less in China than in other countries.

The PRC claims that, at present, only willing donors are utilized for their organs. Still, according to research by Matthew Robertson and Jacob Lavee, the numbers would appear to be falsified, and hospitals claim short waiting times for organs to be accessed, suggesting there are other sources for the organs.

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