As Caixin reported on May 20, Shanghai authorities gradually increased the number of railways to serve people’s transport needs.

According to Sohu, there were initially four trains departing from Hongqiao Railway Station in a single day. The number of trains rose to 12 on May 16, which was expected to carry more than 6,000 passengers that day.

Caixin shows data from the China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group that as of May 20, the total number of the city’s railway trips has risen to 21. It is expected to serve more than 10,000 passengers in a single day, mainly those returning home from Shanghai.

Before May 18, Shanghai Hongqiao Station operated 12 trips out of Shanghai, including Beijing and Tianjin, Xi’an, Changsha, Nanchang, Guangzhou, Xiamen, and other destinations.

From May 18 forward, Shanghai resumed eight more transport lines, including three trips from Shanghai Hongqiao Station to Ningbo, Fuyang West, Shijiazhuang, and five trips to Nanjing, Hefei South, Hangzhou East, and Yancheng.

From May 19, Shanghai Railway Station resumed trips to Lianyungang, and some trains were allowed to operate again to increase capacity.

On May 20, Shentong Metro Group announced that Shanghai Metro Line 3, Line 6, Line 10, and Line 16 would resume operation, with operating hours from 7:00 to 20:00 starting May 22. Other lines were still suspended. It said the subway would run more lines subsequently as it adjusted its capacity according to epidemic prevention and control status.

However, the city’s current public transport operations are still not enough to serve public demand. Many people have opted for other ways to leave Shanghai, including walking, shared bikes, and illegal buses.

The number of users riding Hello Bike – a bicycle-sharing platform – has increased 80% month-on-month. Between May 16 and 17, the travel time rose 65% compared to the lockdown period. Among them, 6.3% of the orders are more than one hour ride. A person in charge of Hello Bike said this shows the significant growth in long-distance ride needs.

Some people choose to buy second-hand cars and drive themselves back home. There is even a man preparing a homemade styrofoam box with tree branch paddles to return Jiangxi by the waterway.

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