In recent weeks, Chinese people have suffered heavy damage from floods and storms. Experts say China’s regime is one of the drivers of extreme weather events on the Mainland.

According to Sound of Hope, floods greatly affected the middle and downstream areas of the Yangtze River in June. Floods also caused landslides and mudslides, many houses and roads collapsed, and casualties.

On July 2 and 3, Typhoon Simba caused significant loss of life and property in Guangdong, Henan, Hebei, and Guangxi provinces.

According to Global Water Resources, from 2010 to 2016, an average of more than 180 cities in China were flooded every year.

Sound of Hope cited data reporting that, before 1949, the Pearl River basin was flooded, on average, every 24 years. That was when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had not gained power in the Mainland.

However, after 1949, floods are registered every three years in the Pearl River basin. From 2020 to 2022, Yangshuo, Guilin, and Guangxi suffered floods for three consecutive years. In June this year, Yangshuo was flooded three times.

Documents and experts point out two main reasons why floods are becoming more and more severe on the Mainland.

First, the CCP made a big mistake in making the irrigation system and agricultural development program.

The book Nine commentary on China Communist Party said that the CCP is an atheist organization; they claim that people can win God, so they like to challenge God. CCP leader Mao Zedong said that “fighting with God is endless fun.”

Therefore, they do not hesitate to plan and build works against the laws of nature. 

The book added that the CCP ordered trees to be cut down, altering hilly areas and grasslands unsuitable for agriculture into large tracts of farmland. In addition, it filled a series of reservoirs with water for farming.

In addition, the CCP has cleared watershed forests to build a series of hydroelectric dams that block the flow of major rivers, such as the Three Gorges Hydroelectric Project on the Yangtze River, or the Sanmen Hap on the Yellow River. These hydroelectric dams cause sediment accumulation in the reservoir bed of the hydroelectric dam.

For this reason, even a small flood of water from upstream due to lack of forest cover will overflow into the dam bed and quickly pass the dam to flood downstream areas.

Because the ponds and lakes are filled, the irrigation system is built in violation of the laws of nature, and the water has no place to escape, so when the flood comes about, the damage that people have to bear will increase many times.

Second, CCP regularly releases floods without warning.

Dr. Wang Weiluo, an irrigation expert in Germany, said that Chinese people suffer from large floods partly because the local authorities of the CCP often release floods without warning.

Wang said that there are three reasons why the Chinese government acts like this.

First, the Chinese government cannot accurately predict the timing of floods and the amount and size of floods.

Second, the water storage capacity in reservoirs is small, so they cannot manage flood drainage properly.

Third, the Chinese government wants to avoid paying compensation for flood damage to the people.

Regarding the third reason, Wang explained that when the government announces the exact time of the flood discharge, if people suffer from flood damage due to this discharge, the government must provide compensation.

Meanwhile, the government has found a way to avoid responsibility for the flood; that is, they can blame God for causing it. And so, of course, they don’t have to compensate for the damages, Dr. Wang Weiluo claimed.

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