Before the CCP’s 20th National Congress, many humorous events occurred across China.

As reported, on October 11, Tianjin No. 1 Funeral Home posted on its WeChat public account the article “Welcome to the 20th National Congress of the CCP and share a new future of the funeral service together.” The article read, “Welcoming the new dawn, we will begin a new journey. At the upcoming sacred moment of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, we look back at the past and look to the future. We believe that under the Party’s right leadership, Tianjin funeral home will usher in even greater glory tomorrow.”

The funeral home linked the prosperity of the funeral industry to the Chinese Communist Party, which has led to many associations.

A netizen nicknamed “Teacher Li is not your teacher” received a post from students in Fuzhou, Fujian, saying that many schools are building a memorial to Xi nearby. Sound of Hope quoted some netizens as saying:

“Memorial??? Isn’t it for after death?”

“Really like Kim Jong Un, but Kim Jong Un doesn’t ask to build his memorial when he is alive.”

“Teacher Li” also received many messages from students, saying that schools had issued notices telling students to watch the opening of the 20th National Congress and write a report on their experience.

Li said that the students were told to send photos of them watching the speech.

According to the notice, the opening ceremony of the 20th National Congress was organized for everyone to watch, from the central government to provinces, to district and schools.

What’s even more bizarre is that opening attendees were not allowed to wear clothing with English logos, such as Nike and Adidas logos. They had to pose—all staff were required to have a “natural expression and attentive face,” not looking down at their phones or talking to each other, just like play-acting.

Many other netizens said that their companies required all employees to work overtime on Sunday to watch the opening of the 20th National Congress.

Sound of Hope quoted a resident, “All employees in our company are required to use the Tencent meeting app to watch the opening of the Congress together.”

the resident added, “The mandatory requirement to see the opening ceremony tomorrow has become the norm across all units, as if it had never been held on such a large scale before.”

According to Sound of Hope, analysts pointed out that the Sunday start for the congress was deliberately chosen so the entire country would watch, and to create a false sense of excitement. Everyone knew that they were acting, even focused on posing for the camera. It means that the CCP is trying to turn China into another North Korea, where every time people see the top leader, they have to act.

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