At noon on July 4, in Jingan district, Shanghai city, a man with a knife stabbed and injured several people. It is reported that this 59-year-old man was previously an employee of Shanghai TV station but was recently fired by the station. Officials have yet to announce the number of injured people. 

According to, the Jingan Branch of the Shanghai Police Department announced on their official Weibo account that: at around 12:20 p.m. on July 4, Jingan Security Branch received an alarm that the police station near Chengdu Bei Road and Weihai Road had received notice that a stabbing had occurred. The suspect, surnamed Gao was restrained, and emergency services 120 arrived at the scene to take the injured to the hospital.

According to The People, Gao had conflicts and disputes with his previous work unit. Because negotiations had failed, he became angry and returned with a fruit knife to stab people.

It is reported that the suspect continued to scream after being overpowered by police, saying that the company had stripped him of his right to work, even though he was not having any problems.

According to Appledaily, Shanghai TV station recently cut back on staff. 

Netizens have been sharing photos and videos from the crime scene.

The video posted by netizens shows that the assault occurred near the “Shanghai China Merchants Plaza,” near People’s Square and Shanghai City Hall. After the incident, the scene was cordoned off by the police.

The videographer said the security guard stood opposite the man holding a fruit knife but did not dare to intervene. The man was holding a knife and confronted the police on the street. People were injured and bleeding, and emergency workers used stretchers to carry the wounded away.

Netizens in Shanghai were alarmed at the terrible things happening before their eyes; radio station ‘Sound of Hope’ recorded some of their comments as follows:

“The incident happened near my house. I originally planned to go for a walk in this mall in the evening, but after watching the news, I had second thoughts. A few years ago, I worked overtime until two or three o’clock at night and didn’t have to worry about security. Now, I feel insecure when I walk out the door. Shanghai has had a few cases this year. The economy is unstable, the unemployment rate is increasing, and the crime rate is also affected.” 

Another commented, “At noon, when I passed the entrance of Shanghai China Merchants Plaza, there was nothing. When I returned, I saw a lot of people there. The economy went down, everyone felt insecure. Please work out more, go out less, and look around more when you go out. That’s all you can do….”

One said, “Shanghai has indeed been greatly affected by the economy, from job searching difficulty to the reduction in the salary which has dropped to one or two thousand yuan.”

“Moreover, a lot of people are forced to leave their jobs. People who are laid off are not compensated at all because the company forces you to leave, that is obviously the company’s problem, but in the end, employees will suffer damage, and voluntarily quit their jobs, and they will not receive unemployment benefits”.

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