People in mainland China have recently complained that several banks have frozen their accounts for no reason, so they cannot withdraw or transfer money and only can make deposits.

When they went to the banks to unlock their accounts, they found that many people were already lined up because their accounts were frozen.

The banks explained that they are preventing money laundering crimes or illegal transactions.

The incident has raised concerns and doubts among netizens.

A netizen recently posted a video saying that a bank’s service desks were crowded with customers who came to unlock their bank cards. One customer questioned why he could only use his bank card to make deposits but not to withdraw cash.

A man said in the video that his bank card had a balance of more than $1,500, but his card suddenly could not be used to make payments normally.

He wondered if everyone had encountered similar problems. He said the bank staff explained that they were taking measures to prevent laundering money or illegal transactions.

Another man posted a video saying his bank card was suddenly suspended a day earlier. He was shopping at the time, and the payment was refused when he swiped the bank card. However, it was accepted when he tried to put some money on the card. Then he tried to transfer the money, but that was also refused. He said he was terrified at the time.

He said he immediately went to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to solve the problem. He had to line up, and there were more than a dozen people in front of him. They all come to unlock their cards, terrified and anxious at the unexpected incident.

A woman said that when she and her husband used their card to make a payment yesterday, suddenly, the account turned abnormal, and they were confused. Today her husband went to the bank early in the morning and sent her a message saying that more than 100 accounts had been frozen.

She said the problem was not solved immediately and would take half a month. She complained about how they would live for half a month because they deposited all their money in the bank.

Another man wondered why many people’s bank cards had been frozen for no reason. In the past two weeks, his card from the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China was locked for no reason.

A Weibo user, “Young Ajima,” revealed in a post on July 1 that Ping An Bank now allows transferring funds to no more than six people, and the amount cannot exceed $4,500. With such inconvenience, the user questioned who would want to save money in banks.

People said that they had encountered the above problems in many banks. They include China Merchants Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, and Ping An Bank.

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