A video posted on May 28 shows a man trying to climb down from a high-rise building in Guizhou. The incident happened in North District B, Guiyang Huaguoyuan.

He is wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and only socks with no shoes. He appears on the roof of the building acting strangely.

At first, he sits on the edge of the building and dangles his legs over the side. He sits between the window sill and the terrace, flipping through his phone from time to time. He then leans down again as if he wants to do something.

When the firefighters arrive to attempt a rescue, the man suddenly grabs the eaves, steps on the window sill, and begins to climb down from the 37th floor.

The building is more than 100 meters high, so looking at the man climbing down makes citizens on the sidewalk feel breathless.

He sometimes pulls up his shirt using both hands to wipe sweat.

Fearing that the man would become frightened and fall to his death, the rescue team followed him inside the building step by step, waiting for the right time to save him.

When the man reached the 3rd floor, the rescuers reached out and pulled him into the room.

He appeared to be in good condition and was transferred to the local police station. The specific reason for his death-defying act is under further investigation.

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