Recently, the health codes of people in various places turned red. Most people said they got the code after defending their rights or reporting crimes. As a result, they were ruthlessly suppressed.

These incidents made them question whether the health codes became a tool for the government to suppress their rights.

Zhao, a citizen living in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, told Xintangren during a phone call that it would be challenging for her to go to Beijing in the future after she went to the police station to report a crime on June 16th. The reason is that her Beijing Health code has turned red.

Liu is a Zhengzhou-based petitioner. She disclosed that the local authorities had robbed her family of their land and home and that underworld gangsters had murdered her husband.

She has been petitioning for many years without results and has also been jailed and physically assaulted numerous times. Last year, she came dangerously close to dying from poisoning in jail. She has remained at home for nearly a year and is scared to go out.

Liu remembered how she had been kidnapped and carried back to the correctional facility in Beijing the previous year. The government forced her to take medication even though she wasn’t sick, and she then paid to return home out of fear of poisoning.

In another case, a citizen told the reporter that she was robbed by a group of people when she checked in at the Hanting Hotel near Beijing South Railway Station.

The petitioner from Nanjing claimed she called a dozen times daily but got no answer. She alleged that the Jiangsu authorities may have collaborated with the criminals. They feared she would sue them and expose their actions to the Beijing government since the authorities have not yet resolved her report.

Thanks to the red health codes, travel is now nearly impossible. Outside, the Beijing State Bureau of Letters and Calls, which once had lengthy lines, appeared desolate.

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