There were long lines outside a branch of the Bank of China in Shenzhen city as customers were seeking to withdraw money.

A U.S.-based media citing netizens reported that the Shiyan branch of Bank of China suddenly shortened its daily business hours .

On May 30, some Shenzhen netizens complained on social media that the Shiyan branch only had two manual windows a day. It forced those customers who wanted to handle business at the branch to have to line up.

In order to withdraw cash, some customers did not even have time to eat breakfast, they went to the bank to wait at 6 a.m. or 7 a.m to get a queue ticket. 

The bank started working at 9 a.m., but at 10 a.m. it announced that there were no longer queue tickets. And if a customer did not have a queuing number, the bank would not handle the business.

GRT Focus Today posted a video on May 31. In the footage, it can be seen that a long line of people waiting to enter the bank, and they lined up on the road.

Shenzhen residents rushed to withdraw money after the Bank of China just gave administrative penalties to three other branches in the city some days ago.

China Economic Net reported that the Bank of China issued a warning to the Shenzhen Western Channel branch, Shenzhen Taoyuan Lu branch and Shenzhen Liutang branch, saying that they had allegedly illegal acts of occupying financial deposits or funds.

These branches were fined between 50,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan (7,500 to 15,000 dollars).

It remains unclear if the contraction of daily business at the Shiyan branch is related to the above situation in the other branches. cited a netizen saying that there are so many customers waiting in one branch, and other branches in Shenzhen are almost the same. If the customers want to withdraw money and do business, they won’t be given ticket numbers, so then they really get panicked.

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