A video posted online shows how Dandong city, Liaoning Province, has undergone anti-epidemic strict measures due to a new round of Omicron outbreaks.

A policeman in white is trying to urge an elderly to go home for isolation by a loudspeaker.

Isolated residents throw money, watching it fall.

Many walls have been set up to isolate people.

Many buses are used to transport people to quarantine areas.

The Omicron BA2.3 virus has recently broken out in Dandong City, Liaoning Province. There have been new local infections for several consecutive days.

As a result, local authorities have activated lockdown measures since May 31. They have transferred many residents to quarantine areas, sealed off residential buildings, and set up separation walls.

According to the official website of the Health Commission of Liaoning Province, 11 new cases of asymptomatic infections were reported on May 27 in Dandong city. The next day, eight new cases were positive. May 29 and 30 saw 5 and 12 new infections, respectively. The latest data shows four new cases of asymptomatic infections on May 31.

Dandong added 40 new cases of local asymptomatic infections in 5 consecutive days.

As reported by Vision Times, the current epidemic round originated when seven people were found to have positive nucleic acid tests at Liaodong College on May 24. Subsequently, ten asymptomatic infections were found in key groups, and nine positive infections were reported at the isolation point.

On May 30, the local government announced the implementation of Zero-Covid measures. They enforced strict lockdown and control. Residents are confined at home, and all business and social activities are suspended. Those who do not follow the rules will be severely held accountable.

On May 31, the city authorities transferred many residents to quarantine for 36 days. They also blocked residential buildings and installed isolation walls among them.

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