According to the announcement of the Jining Municipal Health Commission, there are no new locally confirmed Covid cases and 15 new asymptomatic infections on September 10.

Additionally, officials have also apologized to the citizens because, during the Mid-Autumn Festival, a big holiday with many family reunions, many people are quarantined.

After this press conference, people expect to enjoy a happy holiday with relatives and friends, but the reality is completely different. 

On the same day, the beginning of the mid-autumn festival holiday, thousands of people in Jining called for help by text via comment on the live broadcast video to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival of CCTV, the state-run media of the Communist Party of China.

As reported by Da Ji Yuan, local citizens disclosed on September 11 that, to achieve the goal of “Zero-covid,” the authorities gathered all people that night for quarantine outside Jining city, including secondary close contacts, close contacts with positive cases and asymptomatic infected people, and positive cases.

Additionally, many people complain on social platforms that officials have not clearly defined the management areas. All 136 households in a residential area were indiscriminately quarantined.

The video shows people bursting into tears, filming the scene of many people and children wearing protective gear being taken to isolation without knowing where their destination is. Vehicles are parked in the suburbs overnight, making it inconvenient for residents to eat and go to the restroom.
Some people have been taken to isolation points, but their condition is not better. They are resettled in the isolation point of an abandoned factory. Those are temporary places, and people have to live with a lack of food supplies.

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