A few days ago, Ms. Yang and her mother in Binhai County, Jiangsu Province, were interviewed by reporters. They told of their horrific experience of Ms. Yang being kidnapped and trafficked according to Chinese–language media Da Ji Yuan’s, Zhao Fenghua, and Gu Xiaohua.

Went missing on the way home from school, no news for nine years

Ms. Yang’s mother recalled that her 16-year-old daughter disappeared after school on March 3, 2008, and was never heard from again for nine years.

One day, Yang didn’t come back from school at noon. Yang’s mother then went to the police station to report the disappearance; she searched every street, left Yang’s information on the trees and electric poles, and asked the school to report the case, but it was fruitless.

After nine years of separation, in April 2017, Ms. Yang was finally able to contact her family. She was in the third year of junior high school when she was abducted and sold.

Abducted by classmates to Shanghai and forced into prostitution

Ms.Yang said she was abducted by classmates and forced into prostitution in Shanghai when she was in her third year of middle school.

She recounted that on her way home from school, she was stopped by a female classmate named Bi Xiaoyan, who was in a different class in the same grade who said she wanted to take her to a hotel. When she didn’t want to, Bi Xiaoyan wouldn’t let her go and threatened her with a knife. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize that Bi Xiaoyan was a trafficker and had an accomplice.

Ms. Yang said Bi Xiaoyang did not let her go suddenly; a man appeared claiming he was Xiaoyang’s cousin. Yang was told to get into the car with him, and then Bi Xiaoyang put her bike outside the hotel. Yang said she wanted to go home, but Bi Xiaoyang wouldn’t let her go home and took all her money.

She was about to run away at night, but it was pitch dark outside. As soon as the day dawned, that man took her to the car again and drove her to Shanghai. Yang was forced to massage customers and do whatever they asked her to do.

Later, Yang was held hostage by two men to a sex establishment in Shanghai and forced into prostitution. Because she refused, she was severely beaten.

Abducted and sold to Anhui

Ms. Yang said: “When I went to the pedicure shop because there was a boss, he saw that I was not willing to work here, and then he helped to introduce a nephew to me and asked me to live with him. Then he would help me to escape at night.”

“Because Bi Xiaoyan was chatting with her boyfriend in the room, and then I sneaked out.”

The boss took me outside, told me something, told me to go with him, and don’t tell the Traffickers. Then he took a taxi with me and went back to Anhui.”

In Anhui Province, she was forced to live with the man’s nephew.

She did not have an ID card or a marriage certificate at that time. She always wanted to go home but didn’t know how. 

When she had a baby, she was still at home alone. She didn’t have any money, so she just cooked rice, ate vegetables, drank soup, drank boiled water, and had nothing at home.

Ms. Yang said that after she gave birth to her second child, because her youngest son could not get a registered permanent residence, people from her mother-in-law’s family asked her to contact her family. Ms. Yang tried but was unsuccessful as she did not know the area code.

A few years later, Ms. Yang said, she got a new phone, a smartphone, and she then searched the Internet for her family’s address.

She called. However, the person who answered the phone was not her family. Instead, they said that her parents had moved. Nevertheless, this call gave Ms. Yang much hope because the person who answered the phone said he knew Ms. Yang’s parents and would help her find them.

With the help of this kind-hearted person, Ms. Yang finally saw her long-lost mom and dad again on the video; her parents cried tears of joy when they got in touch with her.

Yang’s mother said she had been searching for her daughter since she disappeared. In the 2008 census, she hoped to get news of her daughter, but a local cadre named Wu Li in Anhui hid Ms. Yang, making her miss the chance of finding her daughter.

Ms. Yang said that when she gave birth to her second child, Wu Li forced her to have her tubes tied.

Yang’s mother said she was furious when her daughter spoke about it later. “I talked to Wu Li on the phone once, and I said, what right do you have to sterilize my daughter. She is under 20 years old, and you sterilized her. Now, if it’s your daughter, can you do this casually?”

The reporters later called Wu Li a few days ago to ask why she performed sterilization surgery on a woman in her 20s. Li said it was a policy that those who have two children must be sterilized. The reporters further asked if she knew that Yang was abducted and trafficked; she said no, and immediately hung up the phone. The reporters made the call again, but Li did not answer.

Yang’s mother said that Bi Xiaoyan, the human trafficker who abducted and sold her daughter, has not yet been punished by law.

The mother said: “Bi Xiaoyan is a girl in the same grade and different class as her. When the police found her, they didn’t take any action against her because she was pregnant. Now she is breastfeeding, and now she and her husband are already divorced.”

She added: “I think this matter is a public prosecution case. I’m sure the court should be able to hold a court session soon. I’ll see how the court evaluates this case.”

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