The memorial ceremony for Jiang Zemin was held on December 6. The CCP ordered a ban on entertainment, causing discontent. Some people pointed out that Jiang’s status does not meet this standard. On the other hand, authorities announced that there would be no farewell ceremony, and repeated this statement many times. At the same time, Jiang’s body was “exposed” in a transparent coffin, even in the sun (a taboo in Asian culture), sparking speculation that the war within the CCP is ongoing.

According to the announcement by the “Funeral Committee,” the memorial ceremony for Jiang Zemin was held in the Great Hall in Beijing on December 6. The people stopped entertainment activities and observed 3 minutes of silence, but no farewell ceremony was held.

One netizen pointed out, “The toad is dead,  people feel disgusted.” And another said, “When the Queen of England passed away, no one was banned from playing online games. Does the Chinese government think it’s God?” Many netizens said, “Today is a good day!”

According to NTDTV, the Chinese people think that Jiang does not deserve a national day of mourning.

Chinese artist Tong Yimin said, “Jiang Zemin committed many crimes. During his tenure he did many bad things and he clearly does not deserve a national day of mourning. The land he sold is equivalent to 40 times the size of Taiwan. Such a traitor still has a memorial! I don’t know why people commemorate him.”

Pan Xinyu, a former director of a Chinese company, said, “The CCP continues to maintain its power to deceive people, and now it makes a high-class coffin to end Jiang’s death. The death of Jiang Zemin, a traitor and faker, is not far from the disintegration of the CCP.”

Commentators pointed out that Jiang’s crimes against Falun Gong are too numerous to write down, and he will be punished even after he is dead.

Former CCP diplomat Chen Yonglin said, “As a butcher, Jiang Zemin died a lowly and humiliating death. Jiang Zemin’s crimes are too many to write down, according to religion, he must be banished to 18 floors of hell. After the fall of the Communist Party, these facts will eventually be exposed to the world.”

In his eulogy tt Jiang’s memorial ceremony, Xi Jinping affirmed Jiang’s support for the decision to suppress students in the “June 4.” When the “White Paper Revolution” swept the country analysis indicated that Xi was worried that protesters would launch more protests in the name of commemorating Jiang. So he reminded the people that Jiang and the CCP participated in the suppression of the June 4 student movement.

Artist Tong Yimin said: “Jiang Zemin made a great contribution to suppressing the student movement in Shanghai on June 4. After that intellectuals were persecuted on a large scale. The leaders of the student movement were arrested and tried. The brutal crackdown on pro-democracy activists has strangled China’s democracy movement from the very beginning.”

Current affairs commentator Tang Hao said, “It is very likely that they will take the opportunity to defeat the anti-Xi forces led by Zeng Qinghong in the Jiang faction. Their leader is dead. The tree has fallen and they took the time to choose the team again, and did not dare confront the central Party. Therefore, the basic purpose of the CCP announcing Jiang’s death at this time is not to mourn Jiang but to use Jiang’s residual value to help the CCP disperse the risk of political crisis, cover up the people’s struggle, and maintain the stability of the regime.”

And Jiang’s funeral also appeared strange, at first the CCP announced that it would not hold a farewell ceremony, but then Xi held a farewell ceremony on December 5. In it, Hu Jintao, who was taken out of the hall at the closing ceremony of the CCP 20th National Congress, also participated. And there appear to be elements of power struggle.

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