NTDTV reported that on the 50th anniversary of China-Japan diplomatic relations, the Japan Business Federation and the Japan-China Friendship Group held a reception at a hotel in Tokyo. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida was invited but did not attend.

Instead, Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshihisa Hayashi and former Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda attended. China sent its ambassador to Japan, Kong Xuanyou, to participate.

In the past three years, China and Japan have not held any summit between the heads of state of the two countries. The reason is attributed to the continuous outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic.

However, as the pandemic has subsided, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiroichi Matsuno, on Wednesday, September 28, announced that the two sides have yet to decide whether to hold a summit in the near future.

The last time Kishida met Xi in person was in December 2019, when he accompanied former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to Beijing. After that, Xi Jinping was scheduled to visit Japan in April 2020, but this trip was canceled due to the Covid pandemic.
Lin Quanzhong, an expert on Japan, told the BBC that China-Japan relations would leave little room for improvement in the future.

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