Chinese media Xiwang Zhisheng reported on August 1 that a netizen living in Jiangyin, Wuxi, Jiangsu, uploaded a video capturing a scene of many local nucleic acid testing booths smashed up. The Covid testing booth windows were shattered. Facilities inside were also damaged. [Video]

The public paid attention to the incident after the video was posted on Weibo.

The news outlet collected several comments from netizens:

“Extremely comfortable to look at.”

“It wasn’t smashed, it was struck by lightning.”

“I’m not like you, and I’m sad … because it’s too late [to smash it].”

“Actually, we are also volunteering in this. It’s good to smash it, and all of China-let smash it.”

In mid-July, Inner Mongolia Morning News reported that a man smashed the nucleic acid sampling booth in front of the Yiyuezi Club in Xincheng District, Hohhot City. In the video, the man wielding an iron bar continuously smashed the COVID testing booth in the middle of the night. [Video]

According to Chinese media Economic News, a nucleic acid sampling site in Shanghai’s Putuo District was also smashed on June 1. [Image]

The incident happened when local officials told the residents not to wait in line any longer due to a lack of prepared test tubes. These people had already waited in line for more than two hours.

After the announcement, a man who had been lining up for a long time expressed dissatisfaction with this. He threw a roadblock at the testing site and overturned the table, scattering collected nucleic acid samples on the ground.

He was arrested and sent to the police station, where he was charged with triggering quarrels and making trouble. [Video]

While much of the world is now living with the virus, China continues to pursue its Zero-Covid policy. The stringent policy is to eliminate Covid and stop the outbreak’s spread. According to The New York Times, although no Covid cases are reported, residents still have to show negative nucleic acid test results when shopping, taking the subway or bus, or attending public events. Many people are already tired of endless Covid tests.

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