A Twitter user, @xinwendiaocha, posted a video on June 21 showing how Shanghai people reacted to the blockade at Huanghua First Village, Shanghai.

It seems to them that barriers are always just a hindrance; therefore, they defiantly break them when they need to go through them.

In the video, a fence and a red car separate the two neighborhoods. On one side stand the residents, and the anti-epidemic personnel has gathered on the other side.

People refused to be barricaded in, and they clashed with pandemic workers who tried to stop them. 

 People can be seen pushing the fence away, with workers grabbing them in an attempt to prevent the crowd from crossing the blockade.

The tug-of-war lasts for more than a minute. 

Finally, realizing that having a barricade is useless, the anti-epidemic team stands aside, letting the crowd move freely.

The red car is also relocated out of the barrier area to make more room for people to move around.

People tend to be sensitive and easily panic at things related to strict lockdowns, such as fences, steel mesh, or the slightest sign of a new case of Covid.

In addition to breaking the barriers, residents rush to the supermarkets to grab food supplies for fear of a potential lockdown, leaving vegetable shelves empty.

The prolonged city closure still shadows Shanghai citizens even though local authorities announced lifting the lockdown on June 1.

Shanghai Municipal Health Commission reports four new local confirmed cases and four asymptomatic infections found in isolation and control areas during the 24 hours of June 21.

There are currently 31 medium-risk areas across 12 districts in the financial hub.

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