As a report by RFA, the WeChat circle shared an “Adjustment of ‘medical insurance doesn’t pay’ on July 1, 2022, and drug code information.’” Following that, 995 drugs, including common drugs, were removed from China’s medical insurance catalog of drugs. As a result, the number of medications on China’s medical insurance list has decreased yearly. So residents live under increasing pressure from the cost of medical treatment. 

The Health Commission of Hebei Province reported that the government’s medical insurance expenditure exceeded $363 billion; 2.83 billion vaccines were administered, and the cumulative balance was $559 billion in the last year.

According to Sina, the cost of nucleic acid testing in China has reached $44.7 billion so far during the epidemic, and 50% was spent in the first four months of this year. Furthermore, 70% to 95% of the cost of normalized nucleic acid is reimbursed by medical Insurance, and the financial burden of local authorities is minimal.

It can be seen that Insurance has paid out a large amount of money for the Chinese regime’s fight against the Covid pandemic. However, residents complain that insurance cover is quite limited when paying treatment fees for common drugs.

In the 2021 medical insurance catalog adjustment, an injection of Nusinersen sodium was adjusted, with the price down to almost $5000 per injection after medical insurance negotiations. The Nusinersen sodium injection used for treating the rare disease spinal muscular atrophy was priced at over $104,000 each.

According to the new version of the National Medical insurance drug catalog released on the Chinese regime’s website and implemented in January 2022, the total number of drugs in the adjusted catalog is 2,860.

Up to now, more than 60 kinds of medicines for rare diseases have been approved for listing in China. In addition, more than 40 have entered the national medical insurance catalog, involving 25 kinds of conditions.

Mr. Gao, a commentator, told RFA that among all medicines, the proportion that can be reimbursed is already small, and nucleic acid testing everywhere was wasted medical insurance money. The hospital can’t bear a loss because there is no money for medical insurance. The regime has no money, and the residents must suffer.

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