According to Da Ji Yuan’s report on August 14, China has begun holding trials for the accomplices of Macau gambling billionaire Zhou Zhuohua for organizing illegal gambling.

From August 10 to 12, Wenzhou Intermediate Court opened the trial of 34 people related to Zhou Zhuohua. These people were charged with opening a casino and operating an illegal business.

This event comes as CCP is rushing to prepare for the 20th congress, which is said to be the battleground to decide whether Xi will continue in office or not.

According to Vision Times, Zhou Zhuohua, 48, and his associates were arrested at the end of November last year. Experts’ comments pointed out that the arrests of Zhou Zhuohua were linked to the CCP’s infighting.

Zhou has a close relationship with Zeng Qinghuai, younger brother of former CCP’s Politburo Standing Committee member Zeng Qinghong, the ‘right-hand’ of former CCP General Secretary Jiang Zemin. And Jiang is said to be Xi Jinping’s number one enemy.

Yuan Hongbing, a famous lawyer in Australia, once revealed to Epoch Times that in addition to laundering money for Zeng Qinghong’s family, Zhou Zhuohua was also very close and helped with the same thing for Meng Jianzhu, another member of the Jiang faction. Meng is a former CCP’s Politburo Standing Committee member and Secretary of the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission.

Yuan said that the Xi faction’s arrest of Zhou was to destroy the economic foundation of the Jiang faction.

Commentator Tang Xinyuan wrote in Vision Times that although Xi has wielded supreme power in the CCP, he has not been able to manipulate China’s financial affairs.

Many reports reveal that the major financial resources in China are in corporations belonging to the Jiang faction.

Tang analyzes that the stock market crash in 2015 and the disappearance of $2 trillion in foreign exchange reserves at the end of 2016 made Xi lose his appetite and lose sleep. So Xi is determined to take control of the financial system from the opponent.

Tang pointed out that the final piece for Xi to achieve his goal is the casinos in Macau, where many rich people from the mainland come here to launder money. Many of them are said to be from the Jiang faction.

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